Mesa Soccer 31st Annual Recreational All Star Tournament
San Diego, CA Youth Soccer Tournament

Welcome to Mesa Soccer 31st Annual Recreational All Star Tournament

We welcome your teams to register online and enter your teams for our 31st Classic year, one of the longest running tournaments in Southern California. 

Brackets of 8/16 play 4 mini games within their bracket.  Quarter-finals play an additional game and if you advance to the semi-finals, your team will play another team in the bracket of 8/16.  Unlike most tournaments that play 3 games and only 4 of 16 advance to a semi, join our tournament and  play multiple teams and encounter a "true" ALL STAR experience. More games, more fun!  

We appreciate your support and understand there are many tournaments to choose from over the Holiday season.  We can assure you that our Mesa families are "dedicated to soccer excellence", whether it is at practice, at games or providing a quality tournament experience.  Thank you!


Mesa All Star Committee