Mesa Soccer 30th Annual Recreational All Star Tournament
San Diego, CA Youth Soccer Tournament

Welcome to Mesa Soccer 30th Annual Recreational All Star Tournament


A HUGE Thank you to all the coaches, managers, players and parents for your participation in the 30th Anniversary of our Mesa All Star Tournament. We hope your teams and families had a pleasant experience. We were honored to have you for our 30th Anniversary celebration. The Mesa families worked very hard to make this tournament a success. Congratulations to all the players and a special congratulations to all the finalists and Champions. Your team's worked hard to earn the designation and they need to be commended for games well played. If you have not picked up your player cards, you can either email your mailing address and I will send them out or let me know a time you would like to pick them up. Please include your division and team name. Our tournament staff welcomes your comments as a way of improving our tournament in the future and we invite any feedback you may have. We wish you Happy Holidays and much success next season and hope to see you in 2014 for our 31st Anniversary . Thank you again! Yours in soccer, David Banks Karen Aasness -

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We welcome your teams to register online and enter for the Oldest Recreational
All-Star Tournament in Southern California. The dates are December 14, 15, 2013.

Rain Dates are December 21st & 22nd, 2013.

We appreciate your support and understand there are many tournaments to choose
from over the Holiday period but we can assure you that our "Mesa
families" will make sure your tournament experience is the best or close
to it.

Mesa Soccer is "dedicated to soccer excellence," whether it is at
practice, at games, or providing a quality experience for you at our 30th Anniversary.

Thank You

Mesa All-Star Committee